You are missing out of your future when you constantly look on your past, says the LORD. For what was then, is not now. What is now is not what will be, either. Even as this day is new, so is your renewed purpose. The past will not define you, and it has been forgiven and forgotten by Me, as you have asked Me to do. Although others want to throw things back into your face, and they have not forgiven you, I have! Though they remind you constantly, I never will not! My grace is sufficient. My blood remits the sin, and there is no record of it in heaven. Do not focus on what was, for what is now is what you are to follow. What will be is good, and I will enlighten your path to your future, as you look forward, and do not look back, says the LORD.

MOVE FORWARD, says the LORD. Do not live in regret. Do not let remorse destroy you. Stop mourning over the dead past, and walk in the newness of life that I have given you. For I have no regrets. I do not repent of the price I paid for your salvation. I do not wish that I had completed the Word on the cross and shed My blood for you. I do not wish that I had created you, and I have no regrets that I have brought you into My kingdom, for such a time as this. Let your focus be on the light, for dead things are not living, and I have translated you out of darkness of the past, and brought you into My marvelous light of My kingdom, that is without end. Move forward, and walk in this light, and you will have unspeakable joy, rather than sorrow, and your mourning will flee away, says the LORD.

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