Don’t despise the days of small things, says the LORD. For seeds are tiny, and yet, they produce a harvest. They are planted beneath the soil, and not seen, until they sprout. They grow, and life is in them, though they appear to be dead, dry, and useless. Nothing is wasted, and nothing is unimportant. As you labor in My field, for My kingdom, be assured that the things you do in secret, will be rewarded openly. There is a harvest of good things coming from that which seemed small, and insignificant, says the LORD.

I keep good records, and all that you do and all that you give is written in My book of remembrance. I will remember your sacrifices. I will remember your tears. I will remember your labor of love. I will remember your gifts that you have given, and I will remember YOU. Do not think of yourself as insignificant, for I have planted you in My kingdom as a seed of righteousness, and you will become a tree that has deep roots, that cannot be uprooted. I will cause you to sprout and grow, spring forth, and blossom. You will bear fruit that remains, that has seed within itself. My labor in you is not in vain, and as you labor for Me, you will reap, according to your faithful service to Me, says the Lord.

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