Quiet yourself in My presence, so that you can hear My voice within you, says the LORD. For I will not be shouting at you. Even though the enemy roars, and makes a lot of racket to get your attention away from ME, resist becoming distracted by his threats and terrorizing thoughts that he is endeavoring to intimidate you with. BE STILL and restful in Me, for I will speak to you, softly. You must squelch out the voice of others and lose yourself in Me, as you come into My presence and shut the world out, says the LORD.

I will give you guidance, by My Voice within, says the LORD. I will speak. I will direct you! I will give you the counsel that you need in every situation, as you become still, and LISTEN! I have the answers that you need, as you wait on Me, and learn to pay attention to MY still, small voice within. For there is never a time when I will fail you, as you come to Me for direction. I will show you the way, and you will learn to trust in My voice, as you persist in pursuing My will, and wait on Me in quietness, as I direct each step that you are to take, says the LORD.

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