Don’t question My love for you and My faithfulness to you because of your negative circumstances. Do not question My integrity, and blame for the difficulties you are facing. Do not attribute the works of the enemy to ME, for I came to destroy them, not to engage in them. I will never entrap you so that I can set you free. I will never imprison you, so that I can liberate you. I will never bind you so that I can loose you. I will never weaken you so that I can strengthen you. I will never afflict you so that I can heal you. The enemy’s work is the opposite of Mine, and I have come to give you salvation, abundant life, liberty, freedom, healing, and deliverance, says the LORD.

You are not bound, but free, says the LORD. I did not liberate you to bring you into bondage. You are not a slave, but a beloved child. I have blessed you with unspeakable gifts. Look to Me for the good that I have for you, and do not listen to the enemy who is vying for your attention. When he claims that you are suffering because of sin, remember that I suffered FOR YOU, and paid the full penalty for your sin. I purchased your salvation by My finished Work on the cross, and paid the full price for your healing and deliverance. I have cleansed you from all your unrighteousness, with My own blood that was shed for you, because of your faith in Me. Be patient in your afflictions, and know that I will deliver you from all of them, for the enemy had no right to you or hold on you, as you belong to ME, says the LORD.

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