I will pierce through the darkness with the light of MY WORD. I will penetrate diseases with the power of My Word that I sent to heal you and deliver you from all your destruction. My Word cannot be destroyed, and My Works are done according to MY WORD, says the LORD.

What I say, I will do, for that is Who I AM, says the LORD. You will know what I AM going to do because of what I have already done! For as I have done in the past, I will do again and again and again. Miracles and signs and wonders are not just a record of what I once did, but what I Am doing, and what I will continue to do. I will not be less than what your ears have heard, your eyes have seen or your heart has imagined. I will go beyond what was to perform great wonders, and you will witness that My Word is powerful, live giving, and will produce what I sent it forth to do, says the LORD>

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