I Am come to you that you might have an abundant life in Me, says the LORD. Abundance is beyond your need, and beyond your control, and beyond your ability to produce. I Am the one who GIVES this to you by My own wisdom, understanding, power and presence. I Am able to do much more for you than you can comprehend. Let your faith be stretched to see greater works, bigger blessings, and powerful provision. Use your faith to press into the supernatural realm of My glory, for it is in My glory that I will supply all of your need, says the LORD.

Stand strong in your faith in Me, says the LORD. For all that I said I can do for you is what will be done, as you hold fast to Me, and stand firm in your faith and confidence in Me. For if you look onto Me, you will look past the impossibilities, and know that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE with ME. You will not see walls that stand in the way, but you will visualize them coming down. You will not see mountains that impede your progress, but you will believe them to be removed. You will not focus on what you or others can do, but you will KNOW MY power and presence and trust that I CAN DO ALL THINGS, and I will do them well. I Am able, willing and ever-present to give you an abundant life, supply all your need, and furnish you, so that you will fulfill every good purpose that I have for you under the sun, says the LORD.

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