Abundant Life, Blessings and Unspeakable Joy!

Forever I will be with you, says the LORD. My Love for you is everlasting, and I will never leave you. You are NEVER alone, never abandoned by Me, and never without My presence in your life. Trust that you are valuable to Me, and I will never put you in harm’s way! I will never tease you with unfulfilled promises, for everything that I said I will do, is exactly what will happen. I will give you everything that you need, and be your continual source and supply, as I daily load you with benefits, that cannot be extracted from you, says the LORD.

I will give you abundant life, abundant blessings, and abundant and unspeakable joy, as you come into My presence and receive what I have reserved for you, says the LORD. When I said that I will supply all that you need, I meant it. Bask in My glory, as you receive blessings upon blessings that no amount of money can purchase. What I have for you, I freely give. I have given you My salvation, and your faith has made you whole. You are My beloved child, and nothing will be extracted from you, but I will multiply My blessings upon you, and bring you into your personal promised land of blessings, where you will rejoice in My goodness and mercy for you that endures forever, says the LORD.

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