I will astound you with My power, and amaze you with My glory, says the LORD. For with Me, nothing is too difficult, and nothing is impossible. Come up to a higher realm in Me and see clearly, that there are no walls and no barriers, no ceilings and no limitations with Me. I want you to ascend into new heights of My glory, and know My grace that is abundant for you, says the LORD.

I Am unstoppable, says the LORD. When you are linked with Me, that is how you will be. You will see beyond the natural and you will know that what I have given you is superior by far. The weapons of the enemy will not be able to reach you, and the limitations will not exist for you. Your same faith that saved you and brought you into My kingdom is the same faith that will conquer and overcome the wiles of the evil one. Your faith must operate as you see beyond the natural things into the realm of the supernatural, and let that become your way of life, forever, says the LORD.

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