I have not changed my plan for you, and I have not aborted it, says the LORD. Plan A is still on the table. I do not need to devise a back-up plan or come up with a new strategy, for there is no plan B. My purposes are unimpeachable, and without flaws. For all that I do is right and there is no need of correcting that which I do. You will be complete in Me, and I will perfect that which concerns you, says the LORD

I will beautify you with My holiness and give you My righteousness, says the LORD. I will fill you with My Holy Spirit and My fire. You will be baptized in the river of MY glory. I will give you great grace and favor that will be everlasting. Your hopes and dreams will be fulfilled, for they are from Me. I have given you clear vision so that you are confident. I will order your steps and walk with you, and you will know no boundaries, says the LORD.

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