God is Faithful!

My faithfulness is constant, says the LORD.  My compassion and mercy for you is renewable, daily.  They existed before you did, and will never be exhausted.  Time is absorbed in eternity, and you will always be favored in My presence, because you have trusted in Me as your Savior and Lord.  You will not be disappointed in time and eternity, for all those who wait on Me will never wish they had not!  For I have given you My infallible promises, and My Word is not a lie.  It cannot be erased or unfulfilled, and the mere words of man are not able to cause Me to change My mind or will or purposes for your life, says the LORD.


They have already been decreed in heaven, and they will be implemented on earth, for I watch over MY WORD to perform it.  Be assured that I Am the Sovereign!  I have the ultimate authority, and nothing is hidden from My eyes.  The enemy is not stronger and wiser than Me, and he cannot destroy My Work, nor My will, nor My Word.  It endures forever.  Rejoice in My faithfulness to you, and know that you can depend upon Me to be consistent in My loving-kindness, compassion, and mercy for you all the days of your life, and for eternity, says the LORD.



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23 Responses to God is Faithful!

  1. Hallelujah ! Praise the lord. Amen.

  2. I know you’re only taking the Holy Spirit, but take some bubblegum too.😉

    Couldn’t resist after reading about the water hose🦅

  3. Amen HALLELUJAH thank u Jesus

  4. Amen!Thank You Father!

  5. Hallelujah to the LAMB & Amen !!!

  6. Great is thy Faithfulness!!!!!!

  7. Yes and amen thank you father

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