GOOD is My Word, says the LORD. Good is My Work. Good is My will, concerning you, and you are the Work of My hands. I call you good, for I have crated you for My good purpose. I have created you for good Works, and I have placed My name upon you and Made you complete in Me. I call My works good, and that includes YOU, says the LORD.

You are My workmanship, created for My kingdom purpose and glory, says the Lord. I never make mistakes, and never abort My plans. You are not an oops. I have birthed you into My kingdom because of your faith in Me and My finished work on the cross, and you are precious in My sight. I will perfect My work in you, and complete it, according to My purpose and plan, as you entrust Me with your life, and submit to My perfect will. Then you will know no bounds and I will use you for My glory, says the LORD.

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