My thoughts and ways that are higher than yours, prove that what I think about you is higher than what you think of yourself, says the LORD. What I see about you is greater than your own narrow and tainted vision. What I feel about you is better than you feel about yourself. For your thoughts are often of failure and defeat. I only see victory and success. You feel darkness and depression, while I see light and laughter. I want you to think differently, according to My higher thoughts, and gain a fresh perspective of who I have created you to be in Me, says the LORD.

You have been birthed in My image, and your righteousness is of me, says the LORD. I do not have condemning thoughts about you. I see the perfect work that I have authored in you,and know that I can and will finish it. You see the process, but I see the completion. For what I begin, I complete, and you will know that it is by My own power that you are built, sustained, established and productive for My kingdom. I know you, and I love you, says the LORD. You will be fully furnished to do all the Work that I have created and called you to do, and you will not be overlooked. I will beautify you and equip you, and empower you to be all that fulfills My vision, My purpose and My plan, according to My higher thoughts, and you will be used for My glory, says the LORD.

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