I Hear the Cry of Your Heart

Consider all the works of My hands, says the LORD. I created everything that you know about, things that you will discover, and things that no one has ever seen and will never discover. All of the wonders of the World are formed by Me. I created the heavens and earth. Things that are far beyond your understanding are what I have made by My infinite understanding, My power and My might. Noting is complex to Me. Your concerns are small to Me, says the LORD. Yet, I see and know and understand everything about you, and I hear the hidden cries of your heart. I care about you and will never ignore you. You are My special handiwork, and I do not abandon any of My Works, including you, says the LORD.

I will perfect that which concerns you, says the LORD. I will beautify you with My holiness, and cover you with My glory. You are important to Me, and I Am never too busy for you. I Am always moving, always working and I Am meticulous about your care. I Am your GOOD SHEPHERD, and care for you. Trust that I, Who made all things for My pleasure, purpose and glory, have formed you for My own. You will fulfill all that I have created you for, and you are significant. Just as I have formed many things you will never understand or discover, it is the same about you. I know things about you that you will NEVER know or see or understand. Yet I did them well! Every hair of your head is numbered, and I know how many cells are in your body. I will take care of you, continually, and finish the good work in you that I have begun, and you will be fully perfected, as I add every finishing touch to you, says the LORD.

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