I Will Furnish and Perfect You

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You will accomplish what I have called you to do, says the LORD. For why would I call you and choose you, for you to remain idle and unproductive? The plans that I have for you will not be undone. My purposes will be fulfilled. For I cannot alter My will, and I will never ask you to do something that I cannot entrust you to fulfill. You will not fail to do the good that I have already commanded you to do, and nothing will be left undone. For I will furnish you to do every good work that I have called you to do, and you will not be lacking anything that you need, says the LORD.

I cannot send you, unless I go with you, and I will provide for you, so that you will not be lacking anything that you need, says the LORD. Look to Me, for I alone AM your source. DO not look to others to fulfill you or furnish you or perfect you. That is what I alone can do for you. Let Me be your total source, and do not lean upon the arms of the flesh. Do not trust in your own self or strength or resources, but know that Mine are limitless! I will give you everything that you need, and make you ready for what I have ordered for your life, and you will be able to conquer the enemy, and possess the land, says the Lord.

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18 Responses to I Will Furnish and Perfect You

  1. Why does it say page not found?

  2. Yeah, page not found

  3. The story in Mathew 20 :1-16 shows that God hates idleness. So it means God will OPEN that door, give you that idea, bring that business connection, give you that contract if you’re idle right NOW

  4. Blessed anyhow by the word from GOD

  5. Not complete but Amen!!

  6. Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, my COUNSEL shall stand, and I will do all my PLEASURE : Calling a ravenous bird from the east, the man that execute my counsel from a FAR COUNTRY :Yea, I have spoken it, I will also do it. (ISAIAH 46.: 10-11)

  7. I receive this prophetic word by FAITH in Jesus matchless name. Amen. Thank You Abba Father!

  8. Page not found it says

  9. Page not found but I say “Amen” anyway to this prophetic word.

  10. Would someone repost correct page or website? Says page not found and never existed.

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