I will heal your wounds, and give you more than enough, as I restore your soul, says the Lord. Nothing that you have suffered is in vain, for I will give you double for all your trouble. I will restore the things that have been violently stolen from you by the enemy, and I will bless you. You need not grieve over your losses, as I will turn things around for you. I will give you abundant blessings, and you will not lack any good thing, says the LORD.

I will restore comfort unto you, says the LORD. I will renew your strength, and you will be full of energy and vitality. I will restore your youthfulness, as I refresh you in My presence, and fill you with My Spirit of life. You will be fat and full of My blessings upon blessings, and you will bless many. I will turn your sorrow into joy, and you will sing and rejoice and be exceedingly glad, says the LORD.

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