I do all things well, says the LORD, and all I do for you and in you and through you will be well. I can do no less, for all My Works were finished before the foundation of the earth was laid, and all of them are perfect. There are no flaws in Me, and what I do is always well. It is always powerful and pure and altogether lovely. It is always life giving, building, edifying and excellent. My workmanship never needs to be redone, for there are no flaws in what I build and make. I Am your builder and maker, your redeemer and Savior and LORD. I will honor My Work in you and bring you into the perfect place that I have designed for you, says the LORD.

My work is perfect in you, and I will perfect that which concerns you, by My Own Spirit and power. For I have worked perfect redemption and salvation in you. I have given you perfect peace, as you fix your mind upon Me. I have given you My perfect love that casts out all fear. I have given you My perfect, unspeakable gifts and anointed you by My perfect Spirit in you. My grace is perfect, and My deliverance is pure and perfect. Trust that you will be a perfect work of MY infallible grace, and you will not be ashamed or fruitless, as I have created and made you a new creature in Me, to be engaged in My kingdom that is pure and lovely and perfect and eternal, says the LORD.

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