Laugh Again!

RejoiceLaugh again, says the LORD. Laugh aloud! Laugh, laugh, laugh, for laughter is medicine, and the joy that I give you is your strength. You have cried long enough. You have shed enough tears. Your mourning will come to an end. Now it is time to laugh as I turn your sorrow into unspeakable joy! For your bottled tears are only a memorial that is before me. For your pain, grief and losses is not your portion! I will give you double. Stop crying, and begin to rejoice, for I will wipe away all of your tears, and give you a cheerful song of praise. You will dance and shout for you, says the LORD.

I will turn things around for you, and turn you around, says the LORD. You will go in a new direction, and have new life. The darkness will give way to My light that will surround you. Depression will not be the prescription for your life. You will live and see the good of the land that you will inherit, for I Am with you to give you all that you need, and cause all that trust in Me to rejoice in Me, says the LORD.

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