I have fully cleansed you from all unrighteousness, and removed very mark and stain of sin from your life, by My shed blood for you and the finished work on the cross, as you have believed in Me, and received Me as your Savior and LORD. I have not ever been bitter against you, but sought for you when you were lost. I brought you near to Me when you were not even looking for Me. I found you, and drew you into My presence, because of My great love for you, says the LORD.

Do not let bitterness enter into your heart and life toward anyone, says the LORD. Forgive, as I have forgiven you. Bless those who have cursed you, and release them. For as I have loved you, I want you to love others. As I have forgiven you, I want you to forgive others. I have not held any grudges against anyone. Do as I do, and be as I Am, and let My love become you, For I AM love, says the LORD.

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