Listen to My Voice

Hear Me now, says the LORD. Be still in My presence and listen to My voice. For I Am speaking to you. You must shut yourself in with Me in the secret place and turn off all the other illegitimate voices vying for your attention. You will not hear My voice if you are entertaining the opinions of others or absorbed in your own. Shut down the racket and turn away from the naysayers. For they never will speak anything that uplifts and supports you. Turn up the volume of MY internal voice and listen to what I Am speaking to you, says the LORD.

I Am your counselor, and I always speak right things to you. Do not rely on your own ability to sort through the piles of information that is flooding in upon you. Just abandon it and come to Me. Let Me settle you. Let Me quiet you, for My voice has a calming effect. I will not roar at you or intimidate you with a loud, authoritative voice, but I will come to you in gentleness and quietness, and you will hear My voice, and follow Me, says the LORD.

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