Multiplied Blessings

I will give you exactly what you need, for I know everything about you, and understand what you do not, says the LORD. I see even the smallest needs that you have, and I will supply them. I Am your exceeding, great reward. I will furnish a table for you to come and feast. All you need, and desire is on the table, in My presence. Nothing is missing. I will give you so much more than you asked me for, and grant your highest heart’s desire. It will NOT be a mirage, but a miracle, says the LORD.

I will multiply My blessings on you, and YOU WILL BE BLESSED! For your trouble, I will multiply joy that is unspeakable, says the lord. I will give you grace and glory, because you have come to Me, and asked of Me. I will fill your heart with singing, as I loose you from the bondage of the enemy, and set you free. You will be fat and full of My blessings, and I will turn your sorrow into Joy, says the LORD.

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