My Word and Work Endure Forever

Let My WORD proceed out of your heart and mouth, says the LORD. For the words and work of men will utterly fall to the ground and fail you as well as those around about you. But My word is infallible, and My Work and word endures forever My Word of faith on your lips, expressed through your own mouth will NOT fall to the ground. It will accomplish what I send it forth do to. It will break in pieces the works of the enemy, for My word is a hammer. It is a viable weapon that cannot be defeated, says the Lord.

The sword of the Spirit is My word will penetrate the spirit of Leviathan, and defeat the works of darkness, says the LORD. You are not to just mouth My WORD, but let it become what you believe, and what you do. For you cannot invest in what you do not believe in, and you cannot be a doer of My Word without being a doer of MY Work. My Word will work, and not be idle and unproductive. Be strong in your faith and confidence in Me and My Word, and become as I Am. For as you are clad with Me and My Word, the enemy will not see you, but Me. I have already defeated him and his diabolical works with the very Word that I have spoken, and that which I have DONE. You will be a walking sword of My Spirit as you move in the realm of My glory and walk in the realm of faith in Me and My WORD. For then you will see mountains that will be removed, walls that will crumble, and My kingdom and power and glory revealed that is righteousness, peace, joy and power in My Holy Spirit, and nothing will be unattainable and impossible for you, says the LORD.

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