Your own mother and father may abandon you, abuse you, forget you and you may feel unloved and forsaken, but that will never happen with Me, says the LORD. I Am your everlasting Father! I will NEVER forget you. I will not abandon you. I will NOT abuse you, and I will never disappoint you. I love you with an everlasting love, and you are NEVER alone. My love is independent of your behavior, and I will always forgive your sins, as you trust in My substitutionary death on the cross for you and your sin. I alive forevermore, and My life is in you! My abiding love will bring you comfort and confidence, that you belong to Me and have a permanent dwelling place in My kingdom that is without end, says the LORD.

My love for you will never fail, says the LORD. You are NOT loveless. You are not being ignored. I will not look past you to recognize another, for you are greatly valued, by Me. You are always in My thoughts, and I have good plans for you. I will hear and answer your prayers, as I am attentive unto the voice of your cry. I have bottled your tears, and will reward them. You are precious and priceless, and forever mine, as I hold you close to My heart, in the palm of My hands, says the LORD.

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