Prepared the Place for You

You are not hopeless or defenseless, says the LORD. Hope in Me. Trust in My presence. I will defend you, and shield you from the violent attacks of the enemy. You are My beloved child, and I will never leave you vulnerable to the on slot of the enemy. I will go before you and clear the path ahead, and free it from obstacles. For nothing that the enemy plans will get past my sight. I know every snare that he has set, and see the traps that he has cunningly devised. But he cannot defeat me, and I will stand alongside of you to help you, so that you too will never be defeated, says the LORD.

I will brighten the path before you and hold your hand, and keep you from falling, says the Lord. For though it may be new territory for you, and you have not been this way before, I have gone before you and prepared the place for you. I have ordered your steps and will keep you safe at all times. Trust that when you are yoked with Me, it is a light burden and easy yoke. I will do the leading, and you can just follow, as you enjoy the scenery around you and let Me have your total care, for I care for you constantly, completely, and meticulously, says the LORD.

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