Revival, Renewal, Restoration

Although you have been despised and rejected of man, even as I was, I assure you, that I have neither despised you, nor rejected you. I have received you into My hands that formed you, for My glory. I will use you, and cause you to be built, says the LORD. You will know that I have not left you, as I will dwell in you, and establish My work in you, and you will be established in My kingdom, says the LORD.

I will manifest Myself to be great in you, and I will honor you, because you have honored Me and My name. says the LORD. As you worship Me, and present yourself in total surrender unto Me, I will use you as a vessel of honor, and an instrument in My hands, says the LORD.

I will pour out My healing power in the midst of you, says the LORD. I will rain down My Spirit and My power, and bring deliverance to all who are oppressed. I will hear and answer prayer, and bring revival, renewal and restoration in the land, says the LORD.

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