I will establish you in My kingdom and bring you stability in your life, says the LORD. For the ups, and downs you are experiencing emotionally and mentally and situationally, that cause you to be tossed and turned, are not of Me. I will establish you in My Word, and establish you in My Work. I will establish you in My righteousness, and holiness. I will become that deep, settled peace in your soul, as you wait on Me, For I Am your peace, says the LORD.

I will settle you. I will calm your nerves. I will cause your roots to go deep, and you will not be plucked up, says the LORD. The winds of adversity will no longer toss you around, and you will hold fast during the most violent attacks of the enemy. You will not only have deep roots, but you will grow tall, branch out on the right and left, as I establish you in your kingdom purpose, and cause you to prosper in it. You will know your purpose, be empowered with My Spirit, and become bold and strong in your region, to do great feats for Me and My Kingdom, for My glory, says the LORD.

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