Do not be fearful of My love, says the LORD. For although others who have told you that they loved you may have utterly failed, My love is unfailing. Even if everyone abandons you and leaves you for dead, I will never leave you. I will revive you and heal your wounds. My love for you is not manipulative. You are free, for I did not love you to bring you into bondage, but liberated you from captivity. You have been given My love freely, and unconditionally. You cannot earn it and you cannot destroy it. There is No fear in the love that I have for you, for you can trust Me, says the LORD.

I will be faithful to you always, says the LORD. It is independent of circumstances that change continually. It is the same, day in and day out, and will never stop, regardless of how you feel or think or behave. I remain the same, and My love is everlasting. My goodness and mercy for you endures forever, and I remain faithful in all times and seasons in your life. Learn to trust in Me and My love for you, which is eternal, perfect, pure, real, and unchanging, dependable, and unfailing, says the LORD.

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