You do not have to run and hide, says the LORD. The enemy goes around seeking whom he may devour. He cannot chase you if you refuse to run. It is not a game of hide and seek, either. I said Walk by faith, not run in fear. For tormenting fear is not from Me. When you have done all that you can do, just stand in ME! Stand in My Word. Stand in Faith. Then you can walk in Me, MY Word, My Spirit, and faith. For the children of Israel were commanded to stand still and see My salvation before they were commanded to move forward in the path that I created for them to cross through the Red Sea to the other side, says the LORD.

If you are to possess the Promised Land of your blessing, you must be still and hold your ground, says the LORD. Look at the enemy in the face and do not let his threats intimidate you. As you submit yourself to ME, you can easily resist him, and watch him flee from you! JUST hold fast to your profession of faith in Me and stand! Resist the enemy. Be bold and strong, for the enemy cannot prevail against you, as you put on My armor, use My Sword and shield of faith, and pull down those strongholds and proceed to possess your promised land, says the LORD.

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