You Are in the Palm of My Hands

Listen to My voice, says the LORD. I Am speaking. I will never lie to you, but will show you the path of righteousness that you are to walk in. You will not have to guess. I Am not the author of confusion, and you will have clarity of purpose. You will have clear vision. You will not have to wonder about aimlessly in search for the right way, for My light will shine on the path that I have prepared for you, and you will KNOW what to do! You do not have to fear, for My perfect love will sustain you every step of the way that I order you to go. My eyes are ever watching over you, and you are never out of My sight. Just follow My lead, and do not fret, says the Lord.

I have you in the palm of My hand, and nothing can remove you from Me and My constant love and care for you, says the LORD. You never have to wonder where I Am or what I will do, for I Am consistently leading and guiding you. My love does not vary from day to day, and My faithfulness remains the same, regardless of what you see or hear or feel. Trust in ME at all times, and do not let your circumstances dictate to you. They will change continually, but I will NOT! Even as I remain faithful to you, I desire your faithfulness to remain the same. You will be rewarded for your faith, that pleases me, and all those who place their hope in Me will never be ashamed, says the LORD.

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