I Am your Healer. I Am your Deliverer. I Am Your Defense. I Am your liberator, says the LORD. I Am everything that you need, always. There is NOTHING that I cannot do. There is nothing that I cannot change. There is nothing that gets past My attention, and I Am aware of you, and all that you need. I will heal your broken heart and fractured life. I will pour the oil of My Spirit into you, and soothe and comfort every wound. Healing is for you, and I Am for you, says the LORD.

Look to Me, for I Am your GREAT PHYSICIAN. The difficulties that are complex for you, are very easy for Me. I created you, and I can do something about your life. I can heal every wound. I can cure every sickness and disease. I can fix the unfixable situations in your life, and you will know that it is I, Who have done it. Know Me as your Healer, and hold your head up high. For all that you need is what is available for you, and all means all! Says the Lord.

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