Trust that your life is in My hands, and I created you for My purpose, says the LORD. You shall be established in Me and in My kingdom, for My glory. All is unchanging. For I Am aware of everyone and everything, and you are planted as a tree of righteousness in My kingdom and will bear the fruit of righteousness. You will not be plucked up, and transplanted somewhere else, for I will finish what I have begun in you, and your place in Me will not be tampered with or destroyed or altered, says the LORD.

All My works were finished before the foundation of the World, says the Lord. That includes you, for you are My workmanship. I know every plan and purpose that I have prescribed for your life before you were born, and I fit you into My kingdom according to all that I have decreed over you. I knew what you think, what you would say and what you would do. I foreknew every decision that you would make. For the future is known to Me, and nothing pertaining to you takes Me by surprise or causes me to abort My perfect will concerning you. Trust that you will be a complete work of My grace and power, and you will fulfill everything that you were born to do, and nothing will be undone, says the LORD.

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