Baby Miracle

Baby Miracle was born on My birthday, as I prophesied that she would be. Since technically they are 8 hours ahead of my time, there was only a 16 hour window on my birthday that she had to be born. She was born in that time frame!

The was lifeless in her mother’s womb for over a week when I went to their house and prayed for Cathy, her mother. Cathy’s was in pain, her blood was very low. She was weak and had no appetite and did not want to eat. When I prayed for her, strength immediately returned. She could then eat, and she remained strong. After praying for her, I said, “Let me pray for the baby, now. She was 8 months pregnant. I touched her abdomen and as soon as I did, the baby jumped. From that point on, Cathy felt the baby move again. The baby was resurrected in her mother’s womb.

Later that week, Cathy returned to the doctor, who confirmed that her blood was NORMAL, and she and the unborn baby were perfectly fine!

After her birth, they began to call their baby daughter, “June,” after me, but I requested that they name her, “Miracle.” For indeed she is a miracle. We give GOD the glory, who alone is the resurrection and the Life.

Miracle is perfect and beautiful.  Annania was my interpreter for two parts of my last mission in Africa. This a picture of him with his wife, Cathy, and their son with with baby Miracle.

Prophet June Reinke, Prophetic Light International

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