I Am bringing you into a Sabbath of rest where you cease from your own labors and trust in ME, says the LORD.  I  is not by your own efforts or what you can do or how you can change things or how you can affect things, but ME. I am giving you new hope for those things you have struggled with as you cease from pushing and pressing and pounding and wearing yourself out in the process.  It is not by might, nor by power, but By MY SPIRIT, says the LORD.  I will do the Work, and make things happen. I will bring you into your personal promised land by My power. I will set the stage. I will equip you. I will align you with people, places and things. I will order your steps as you rest in ME and cease from your own labors.  WAIT ON ME. TRUST IN ME, and I will bring it to pass. You say, that is being idle.  I say that is being patient and ready. That is trusting ME, says the LORD.

Be at peace and rest where you are right now, says the LORD.  Nothing is wasted or lost as you wait on Me.  In this season, I am downloading things into you that are preparing you for the place I have prepared for you.  It will all be done on time, and you will be ready.  No more ringing of the hands. NO more frustrations about who, what, when, where or how.  No more trying to figure things out.  IT is time to put your complete trust in ME.  I have assigned you to be a co-pilot and I Am the One at the controls.  You are to learn of ME.  Sit back and listen as I train and instruct you.  Enjoy the trip.  You do not have to navigate in this season.  You do not have to worry about destiny.  You do not have to KNOW.  TRUST!  I will bring the vehicle to a safe landing, and you along with others will arrive on time in your right destination. TRUST!  Shift onto Me the weights and burdens and cares and let me handle the load as you are connected to me:  for it is a light burden and easy yoke with Me and you can learn of Me with great peace and rest as you entrust everything to me and simply follow, says the LORD.

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