I declare unto you, Though weeping may endure through the night, joy comes in the morning, says the Lord. I will give you unspeakable joy for your sorrow. The days of your mourning are coming to an end. The darkness will dissipate and the dawning of a new day is coming. You have wept. You have had sorrow of heart. You have even said that hope deferred makes the heart sick, and have wondered if there would ever be the breakthrough that you have desired. You have longed for the New thing that I have declared that I would do. You have pleaded for release from the pain and suffering that is wrongfully imposed upon you by the enemy. You have NOT cried out to Me in vain, for I have heard the voice of your supplication and I have recorded every tear. I have declared that I will turn your sorrow into joy, says the Lord.

Your pain will not define you, says the LORD. Your patience will. For I will reward you for your patient faith and trust in ME. I will NOT pass you by. You are Mine, and you are important to ME. I will open up the prison doors that have kept you bound; I will release you from the chains of darkness. I will command My blessing upon you and give you the desire of your heart. Your prayers of faith will be rewarded, and I will not only cause you to be an overcomer, but the tide will be turned against the enemy. I will cause you to be empowered to defeat the foe, torment him and cause Him to run from you in terror. You will not only be released from the choke hold that he seems to have you in, but you will pursue the enemy, conquer his territory, release the prisoners that are held illegitimately in captivity and claim new ground for My kingdom. Your purpose is to not only overcome but to overwhelm the enemy and become HIS worst nightmare, as I equip you to be a mighty warrior that is undefeated. Look up. Look up. For even now the breakthrough that you are longing for, that you have prayed for is on the way, says the Lord.

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