I Will Deliver You from Trouble

I will deliver you from trouble, though it is on every side, says the LORD. Even as My angel guarded the tree of Life in the midst of the garden of Eden, I will cause My archangel to defend you as a tree of righteousness that I have planted. I will not allow you to be defeated as you trust in Me and allow Me to work in your life. I will bring you up out of the bondage of your enemies and bring you through the wilderness. I will furnish a table for you even in the places where it is dry and barren and nothing is able to grow or produce. I will give you the hidden manna and sustain you through the most difficult times so you will learn to trust in Me and depend upon Me. My goodness and mercy is for you at all times and I will always supply your need and make a way for you when there is no way, says the LORD.

The wilderness is not your inheritance, says the LORD. You are only passing through. I have made you a tabernacle that has stakes that you can easily pull up. The cloud of My presence is always with you to cover you from the heat of the day and to give you light in darkness. I will bring you into your promised land of blessing as you follow Me. Keep your eyes upon Me, for I will order your steps. When I move, simply follow Me. I will not move so fast that you will not hear My voice as I speak, “This is the way; walk in it.” I will stay in sight and the pace will not be to fast for you to keep up. Trust that I order your steps and will provision you each step of the way. It is a faith walk, and you are never alone. I Am with you to bring you good success in ME, and I will never fail to help you. Trust in Me at all times, for I will lead you out of the wilderness into your promised land of blessings, says the LORD.

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