Encourage Yourself In Me!

Encourage yourself in Me, even as My servant David of old did when all seemed lost and he was mourning and not knowing what to do, says the LORD.  Encourage yourself in Me when you are looking at the losses that you have suffered.  They are temporary. Nothing is lost that you give to Me.  When you encourage yourself in Me, you no longer see your weakness, but My everlasting strength.  You do not see your lack, but My sufficiency. You no longer view what you can do, but What I can.  You do not see what you see, but Know that I Am the all seeing eye.  You no longer rely on what you understand as you embrace My infinite understanding. You do not look at your boundaries but see that I have NONE.  At a time when you feel that all is lost and you do not know how to proceed, trust that I Am with you as your Almighty God that will be with you not only to bring you into your promised land, but that you will recover all, says the LORD.

Trust that I will wipe away all your tears and bring you into My presence where there is unspeakable joy, says the LORD.  I will take the ashes and give you beauty.  You will not have to rebuild your hopes and dreams on the ashes of the past, for I Am preparing a place for you.  I not only do all things well, but I do them on time. I do what no power can. I do what you never dreamed possible.  I will expand your borders and bless you so that the bondage of Egypt will not appeal to you, and the leaks and garlic will sour in your thoughts in light of what I have provisioned for you.   You will know that I have spoken when your sufficiency is exchanged for abundance beyond what you could ever ask or think or imagine, and you stand on the land of your inheritance in ME.  I Am El Shaddai, your GOD that is more than enough, and the times of just getting by on the daily manna are soon going to be a thing of the past.  I do a new thing in you and around you and with you and through you that exceeds your highest hearts desire.  Look forward to the new season as you relinquish the pain of the past and encourage yourself in ME, knowing that I cannot and will not fail you as you place your trust in ME, says the LORD.

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