Fiery Trials

The fiery trials that you will face will not to you, says the LORD.   In all of them that you go through, I will give you My grace and protection and power, says the LORD. For you are not alone. Just as I was with the three Hebrew Children in the fiery furnace, I not only put them on display as victors, but I put Myself on display. I displayed MYSELF to be unsurpassed. I displayed Myself to be invincible. I displayed Myself to BE the LORD of LORD’s.  I demonstrated that there IS NO POWER or AUTHORITY that can threaten Me or dictate or order Me. I proved for ALL TO SEE that I AM unshakable and unmovable. I will be that in you. I am putting Myself on display in your life as the unsurpassed power that cannot be defeated. I Am with you in the fire. Others may gawk at you, mock you, scorn you, and even laugh at you. But I laugh at the enemy. I laugh at those who are laughing at you. For I Am on your side to secure you even in the fire. The flames will not burn you or singe you or destroy you or even touch you, for you will not even have the smell of smoke on you, says the LORD.

I Am the One who has caused you to be unfettered and unbound in the fiery trials, says the LORD. I will not be mocked and I will bring you out of the furnace of affliction. I will cause those who were laughing at you to put their hands over their mouths. I will cause those who were the dictators and the false authorities to be silent. I will bring you up and out, for you will not ever be the same again. I have allowed you to be a spectacle so that I can show forth My glory. As you have walked with Me in the furnace of affliction and fiery trying of your faith, so shall you walk with Me in the newness that I Am preparing for you. You will be unshakable, immovable,  always abound in Me and My work. For I will promote you and you will see that the glory that is yet to come will be great and the afflictions light in comparison to what I am shifting you into, says the LORD.

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