Restoration, Deliverance, Healing

Come into My presence where there is fullness of joy, says the LORD. You have had a heavy heart. Your heart has been filled with sorrow and pain long enough. You have carried within your heart the feeling of loneliness and alienation long enough. Come into My presence and let Me heal the wounds of your heart. Let Me pour into your heart the fresh oil of My Spirit to soothe you. Let the wine of My Spirit make your heart glad. Let the intoxicating presence of My Spirit cause your heart to sing and laugh and joy in Me! Though sorrow has been your lot, I say, let not your heart be troubled. Though you have felt alone, let the comfort of My presence embrace you and cause you to know that I Am with you always. Let Me mend the wounds and set you free from all the pain., I will heal your broken heart and fractured life as you come into My presence where there is fullness of joy for your sorrow, says the LORD.

I will turn your mourning into dancing, says the LORD. You will forget the pain of your past as you bask in My presence that will more than change you, more than lift you, more than fill you. It will saturate you and overflow from you. It will be a river of life that will flow out into the environs and bring life to all that it touches. As you come broken before Me, I will make you completely whole again. As you come heart sick, I will cleanse all the toxins and venom of the enemy from you and place the pure stream of My Spirit within. I will fill you to capacity with life that is abundant, and it will flow out of you a pure river of life and healing and deliverance and wholeness that will reach the hearts and lives of many. I will restore life and vitality onto you and bring restoration to many others as I will make you an instrument of restoration, healing and deliverance, says the LORD.

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