I Am Your Defense

I Am your defense, says the LORD. As your advocate, I Am always on your side to help you. I Am in complete control and not subject to any person, place or thing. Everything and everyone is subject to ME. I Am the Almighty, and I Am in control. Though things seem to have been spinning out of control, I Am not in the chaos. I Am not the Author of the storms of your life. I AM your peace. I Am your place of safety. I AM your covering and hiding place. I Am your shield. I will keep you in every storm of life and give you refuge. Nothing can reach you or invade you in My presence, for My presence cannot be infiltrated by the enemy. HE has no access of Me, so when you run to Me for safety, you will be untouchable and unreachable, says the LORD.

I have commissioned My angels to surround you, protect you and war for you, says the LORD. They are fierce and undefeatable. They will enforce My kingdom purposes and all that pertains to you. Trust that you are never vulnerable to the onslaught of the enemy as you commit yourself and all your ways onto Me.  I Am always with you and on task to keep you secure and safe. Trust that I Am able to provision you, and there is nothing that I cannot and will not do for you. You are never out of My sight and I Am your caregiver at all times, says the LORD.

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