I Will Heal Your Broken Heart and Restore You

I will heal your wounds and mend your broken heart and fractured life, says the LORD. I will comfort you and lavish My love upon you and restore you. Hold your head up high, and square your shoulders, for things are about to change. You will not have an unhappy and unfulfilled end. I AM not finished with you yet. The best is yet to come, and the former things will not matter to you in light of the new that will unfold for you, says the Lord.

Your troubles will not discredit you or destroy your purpose, but the opposite will happen, says the LORD. Your endurance through the midnight hours will only strengthen you and bring you into a new level of authority. The enemy tried to weaken you, but I strengthened you. He could not win, and you could not lose, for I Am the One who keeps you steady on your feet. I will pour out My blessings upon you, and give you a new season, renewed strength, and new and powerful assignments that will bring Me glory as you fulfill every purpose that I have ordained for you under the sun. You will have joy, the harvest will be plentiful, and your heart will sing, as you reap in joy what you have sown in tears, says the LORD.

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