I Will Recompense Evil: I Will Restore

I will make you forget the former things that you lost, the pain of the past and the difficulties that you endured as I pour new life and vitality in you and turn your sorrow into joy, says the LORD. You will laugh again. You will sing melodies of praise and thanksgiving, for the new things that I give to you that will be far better. You have endured hardness as a brave and good soldier, and you will embrace multiple blessings that I will pour out for you, says the LORD.

Take heart! You have wept bitterly, but you will laugh hysterically, says the LORD. The enemy thought he won. His days of feasting will SOON be over. The tables will suddenly turn, as I pour out My vengeance upon those who have violently opposed My will and harmed My beloved! Trust that I AM aware! I will not allow you to be defeated, regardless of what you hear, what you see, and what has taken place. I will come SUDDENLY on the scene, and there will be recompense evil. You will no longer lament, for I will restore, and you will be filled with unspeakable joy, says the LORD.

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