I Will Reveal My Glory

I will reveal My glory on the earth says the Lord.  I will pour out My Spirit in an unprecedented way.  I will show Myself to be strong on your behalf. I will display My power so that all will know that I Am God.  I will be seen and heard and My power will be manifest. For the earth belongs to Me, and I Am in control. I will cause many to come to Me as they see My miraculous power.  When I said I would pour out My Spirit in the last days, I meant it.  I will not withhold My power to heal, repair, restore and renew. I will move in the market places and neighborhoods and homes. I will move among people in many places and cause an awakening that has not been seen in the past, says the Lord.

Are you ready to harvest for My kingdom?  Are you prepared for the supernatural display of My power?  Are you ready for miracles, signs and wonders?   I have been preparing you for such a time as this and I will use whosoever will, says the Lord. I will use those who have been bypassed. I will use those who have been castaways by others. I will use those who have been unnoticed and despised and rejected. The finest things of My kingdom are coming and the chosen vessels will arise and shine in the darkest corners of the earth and display My glory to the lost and the feeble and the hurting and the struggling and the infirmed.  I will save, heal, revive, repair and restore. I will provision miraculously.  For I will pour out of My Spirit and display My mighty power in these last days, and the harvest will be great, says the Lord.

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