My Word is Infallible

I have placed My infallible Rhema Word within you heart and in your mouth, says the LORD.  I AM giving you a download of MY thoughts and showing you MY ways that are higher than yours. Do not fret about what you do not know or understand, because you see through a glass darkly. I will lead and guide you in each way that I choose for you so that you will see a little more of what I AM speaking as YOU SEE ME PERFORMING IT.  Then you will say,  THIS IS WHAT HE REVEALED TO ME!  THIS IS WHAT HE MEANT when He spoke this Word through ME.  For remember, My Will and MY WORK and MY WORD are the same. They always align with each other and there is no distinction between them.  You will see My Word at work, for didn’t I say that I sent My Word and healed them and delivered them from all their destruction?  My WORD brings deliverance and HEALING, says the LORD.

I have placed MY healing and delivering WORD within you as I said the prayer of faith will save the sick, says the Lord.  I will heal through MY WORD.  IT is a WORD of faith.  Connect with the voice on the inside of you with faith that will cause My Word to perform great and mighty things.  Release it and set at liberty those who are bound. Release My divine oracles that are inside of you to heal the sick.  My powerful WORD will not return fruitless or empty to ME again, for I AM a doer of MY WORD, and I will cause what I have spoken to you and through you to come to pass.  I AM not a man that would lie and My WORD will always be performed exactly as I have spoken it and nothing and no one can detain it, or stop it from working the pleasure of MY will.  Yes, speak what I say and do what I do, for when you hear what I say you will know that My works shall soon follow, says the LORD.

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