Protection and Provision

My blessings make you rich, and I add no sorrow to them, says the LORD . I Am with you and in you and surround you and undergird you and cover you. I shield you and protect and provision you always, for I Am your caregiver. I never miss or forget anything, and I cannot forget you. You are always on My Mind and in My thoughts that exceed yours in goodness and mercy. You are always in My heart, and I hold you in the palm of My hands. I have given you My unimpeachable love, exceeding, great and precious promises that are preserved and reserved for you. Come and eat at My table and enjoy fellowship with Me. You are not an invited guest, but an entitled son. I have given you royalty. You have access to Me always, not as a beggar or an alien or a servant, but you are my beloved child. I have made you righteous by My shed blood for you and the finished work of the cross. I will not abandon you nor will I leave you unfinished, for what I have begun in you, I will complete. I Am speaking to you and leading you. It is My still small voice on the inside of you that you are hearing. Do not dismiss my thoughts as your imagination or something that just came to mind out of nowhere, for I Am the SOMEONE and the SOMEWHERE, and I abide in you, says the LORD.

Trust that I will complete you, furnish you and help you in the process of your growth and development as My child of favor, says the LORD. As a Father nurtures a son and a son looks to the Father for example and provision and training, I Am your EVERLASTING FATHER that is shaping and molding you. I will lead you gently on toward your purpose and destiny in Me one step at a time that I order for you and I will equip you and provision every step of the way. Keep your eyes upon Me and off your circumstances. Squelch out every illegitimate voices and false authorities and listen to My voice. I will surely lead you and guide you continually as you fully lean on and trust in Me. The best is yet to come, and your past will not define you or dictate to you or deter you from your future in Me if you look ahead and not behind, move forward and never turn back, for your destiny in Me is good and straight forward, says the LORD. Press on!

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