You Have Struggled Long Enough

Rejoice in songs of praise and thanksgiving unto Me, says the Lord, for all is well. I have given onto you My best gifts out of My treasuries. They are yours to embrace daily, as I load you with them. Do not look at the negativity around you or listen to the voices of complaint and dissatisfaction. Do not join in the choir of the disgruntled. I have kept you and provided for you daily. Lift up your voice like a trumpet and sing a joyful song of praise and worship Me. For I inhabit your praise and I will bless you with the suddenly and unexpected treasures in My presence that I have reserved for you. Come closer. Come higher. Come nearer to Me and let Me lavish you with My love. For I only have good things for you, unspeakable blessings, as you come near to receive of ME, says the LORD.

Is there anything too hard for ME? It may seem impossible to you and be too hard for you, but it is easy for Me, says the LORD. Nothing is too heavy for Me to carry, so cast the weights of your burdens upon Me, and allow Me to carry you as well. You have struggled with the burdens that I have never expected you to bear. My yoke is easy and by burden light. Come and let Me give you My rest. I will work while you rest in Me. I will do the leading and all you have to do is follow. Let Me guide you and I will give you peace. You will be free of worry if you only let Me handle everything, not just part of the things that concern you. Come and relinquish the control of your life and those you are caring for to me, and trust that I will be with you to give you good success and you will even have peace in the midst of the storms in life, knowing that I have you fully, safely covered under My wings, says the LORD.

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