Don’t be alarmed by the things that you hear, see happening or rumors that are circulating, says the Lord. Your response to the bad news that causes others to fear and tremble needs to be different. Counter it with the GOOD NEWS that I have given you. Be steadfast in your faith and trust in Me at all times. You will become a pillar of strength as you remain strong in Me. I have called you out of the darkness, into My marvelous light. As you remain fearless, you will not only prevail over the enemy, but lead others to the security and safety that will be found exclusively in Me, says the LORD.

Stand up! Gear up, and get ready to resist the enemy, as I have equipped you and prepared you to do, says the LORD. You cannot lose as you contend for the faith that you have been given. I have fully prepared you, and given you superior weapons that are not earthly, material, mental or carnal. They are spiritual, and powerful. Use them, and remain steadfast, unshakable, immovable, and always abounding in My Work as I have purposed for you to do. For great is the result of your unwavering faith, as you refuse to cower, resist fear, and remain confident in Me and My infallible Word, and are a doer of it. Your decision will impact the lives of those around you, and you will be a signpost that will direct others to Me, says the Lord.

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