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Prophecy for the Year, 2022 and beyond.

I see a clear distinction between the Righteous and unrighteous in this year, 2022. The Lord says, tell the righteous it shall be well with them.

It is a very different vision for those who refuse to amend their ways. Just as GOD made a clear distinction between HIS Chosen PEOPLE Israel, who lived in Goshen, and those who were their unrighteous oppressors, so shall it be in the times to come. The righteous will not be impacted by the plagues that are coming upon the earth, as GOD’s judgments fall upon the unjust.

Despite the failing economies, the shortages, the plague of Covid, the sky-rocketing inflation, the lock-downs, there was no unilateral repentance or seeking of GOD, His Kingdom and righteousness. The unrighteous remained unrighteous still, and the just remained the just still. Some of those who were on the fringes and the indecisive made a decision to get off the fence one way or the other, while others still remain among those who have yet to decide. This year will be a defining year for them.

The challenges will remain great. The plagues have not been stayed. This year will test the patience and endurance of the saints who hoped for a reprieve from all the plagues listed above, and those yet to come. Not yet, says the LORD.

This year, there will not be a reprieve from failing economies, inflation, and sickness. Death, destruction, calamity, darkness, disasters, evil and depression will not have a holiday. Anger and even rage will surmount and erupt as inflation rises, currencies plummet, and natural disasters loom. I see foreclosures on homes, default on loans, bankrupt businesses, and the demand for goods in many areas exceeding the supply. That will cause prices to further escalate. In some cases, no amount of money will suffice, when the goods are NOT available to purchase.

The unrighteous will look for others to blame and have an external view, while the righteous will remain in a state of repentance and introspection, while asking GOD to search their hearts and remove any uncleanness, unknown and besetting sins in them. The righteous will walk humbly while the unrighteous will remain judgmental, arrogant, and fault-finding. There will be no “meeting of the minds” or agreement to be found in the two sides. Darkness will be so dense, that it will be felt as a plague of darkness, while the righteous will shine forth brightly. Their lights will NOT be extinguished, and those who are genuinely looking for a viable remedy for their lives will come to the light that directs them to the only Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

Despite all the calamities, the righteous remnant will be RESTORED! They will become the glorious, powerful church. Signs, wonders, miracles, healing, deliverance and miraculous provision will be the NORMAL. As moths are attracted to fire and light, those who are in darkness will see a great light, and come to the true light. Revival fires will burn among the remnant church, and many will be saved, healed, delivered, filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit, and truly transformed. There is going to be GREAT JOY in the camps of those who are true believers.

The Lord says, Fear Not: neither people, places or things that are now present or will come. Don’t join the ranks of the fearful and unbelieving, who have NO HOPE. You have a LIVING GOD, a LIVING HOPE, and there will be a performance of the powerful, life-giving, life-changing, healing, delivering, miracle-working, Word of GOD and SPIRIT of GOD in your lives and in the midst of you as a true believer and HIS CHURCH.

God is going to expose the false prophets and preachers and pastors and leaders that are only “NAME DROPPERS”, who use and abuse the name of JESUS, but do NOT even know HIM. They have not been part of His kingdom, part of His church, and will not be able to stand against the authentic believers who will be empowered to gather in the harvest. THERE WILL BE A PLENTEOUS HARVEST in the middle of the chaos. The darkness will not defeat the light, but the light will penetrate and push back the darkness.

Clusters of Revival fires will break out, and many of them will be amid the faithful FEW. GOD will by-pass the big assemblies that have not cared for the sheep, but used them to build themselves and their own names and kingdoms, and use the little Ma and Pa gatherings to perform great miracles in their midst. Revival will break out in the midst of devastation, destruction, depression, despair, disasters, and death.

Faith in GOD and His Word will not be an option, but a necessity for the people of GOD. Lukewarmness and wavering faith will not receive anything from GOD, and there will be a heightened search for the Living GOD, and a thirst for HIS WORD that WORKS. True worship will emerge. The GOOD NEWS will become GREATER and the bad news that is unrelenting will not put out the light of GOD’s Word and HIS GLORY.

The Word to the righteous is RESTORATION! GOD is going to restore, restore, restore. He will restore families that seemed to be heading for destruction. He will restore the things that have been stolen from you. He will restore finances. God will restore ministries. He will restore your fading vision. He will restore HIS GLORY in His church and remnant warriors. He will restore unity, faith, fellowship, faithfulness, love and joy. He will restore His fire and glory. He will bring a new agreement into families, marriages, healthy friendships and relationships. He will restore the church to its former glory.

Amid all the fear, failures and unrest, there will be none of that for His people who will have GOOD SUCCESS. GOD WILL SUPPLY supernaturally everything that is needed, and His people will have a surplus: MORE THAN ENOUGH!  His grace has saved you. His grace has kept you. His grace will restore you and those around you that you love.

The Lord is going to restore His people and make things NEW for them. He will restore blessings upon them and furnish them unto every GOOD work that He has called them to do. He is going to give them more than they asked for, more than they need, and dry all their tears. They will have joy. Hard hearts will be softened. He will turn things around for them, and those who rejected them, those who abused them, those who abandoned them, those who refused them, those who ignored them will have no negative impact upon them anymore. He will give new life and vitality, a fresh new beginning, and restore hope. There will be not be anything lacking. GOD’s mercy and goodness will be revealed to the righteous. They will be amazed at His provision in the midst of all the chaos, His abundant supply. The raging storm will not affect them.

I see a renewed sense of community emerging in many places from the difficulties that will be similar to old-time communities of the last century. They will actually love their neighbors, care for the needy, and look to the welfare of each other. Out of a sense of necessity, in some sectors, there will arise a sense of unselfishness and acts of kindness, giving, sharing and caring that were missing. The church will become more of an extended family in caring, loving, sharing, purpose, service and unity. There will arise a new sense of fellowship and harmony that was absent in the business of personal pursuits.

There will be a clear distinction between the greedy, self-serving, and those who hoard, who will never have enough, and those who are merciful and give. They will have more than enough at all times. GOD will cause their cruise of oil to be unfailing and their barrel of meal to never be exhausted. They will be shockingly provisioned at all times, with more than enough to live and give, and still have a reserve.

God has a plan and a purpose for all the coming world events that are very difficult and taxing. That purpose is to sanctify, perfect, unify and empower His church, so that we are ready for His return. He wants a glorious, spotless church without wrinkles or blemishes. This is the cost. This is the preparation. This is the result. HE will restore life and vitality and power in His church so that we are empowered to do the greater works for HIS GLORY.

It is a time to fight the good fight of faith, a time to serve the LORD with every fiber of your being, a time to trust in GOD at all times, a time to be the light that He has called us to be in this dark world. It is time to return to our first love for Christ, first works, return to a zeal for His House, a time to seek Him, His Kingdom and righteousness first and with all our hearts, a time to pray like never before, a time to be faithful, a time to decide that no matter what the cost or what ever comes our way, we and our households will serve the LORD.

In this year, 2022, we will discover the faithfulness of our GOD, have His abundant provision, have the grace of GOD and see His glory! It is an awesome time to be a part of His family, His kingdom, and experience His glory that will be seen on us, His people, and be used for His glory. Amen. So be it.

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