Be Calm

Be calm, says the Lord. Be quiet and don’t let the stresses and sudden and unexpected storms move you. You will be unshaken and immovable and always abound in My work as you abandon yourself in the middle of the conflicts and walk in Me. Fully empty yourself out and let My mind be in you. Let My strength invade your weakness. Let My power fill you and energize you when you feel weak and vulnerable. You are not to rely on your own strength and do not let your own weaknesses cause you to become fainthearted and overwhelmed. For I am the strength of your life and heart. Suit up in Me. Put Me on. Take your eyes off yourself and what you can or cannot do. Do not focus on the abilities and limitations of yourself and others. I Am the All wise, Almighty God in the midst of you at all times, say the Lord.

Sudden storms call for your steady, unrelenting faith and trust in Me, says the Lord. Be unwavering and be fixed in Who I Am. I Am your all in all, and My presence goes before you, and I will give you peace that is abiding, even as I abide. I Am way ahead of you and nothing takes Me by surprise. Nothing can shake Me or overpower Me. I have already made an exit plan for you that will bring you through every threatening storm, foil every plot of the enemy, and bring you safely to the other side, without loss or damage. I will part the red sea of red tape for you as you safely cross over, and I will laugh at the pursuing enemy and make fun of him. For nothing shall defeat you or keep you from your destiny in Me, and My unchanging plans shall unfold, without delay. I have it. I have you. I Am with you, and Am your rear guard. Don’t even turn around to look at the enemy, for he cannot touch you, and I will embarrass, harass and defeat him. Get ready to sing and dance and shout, for your victory is already sealed in Me, and assured. Move forward in anticipation that this too shall pass, and I will always cause you to triumph in Me, says the Lord.

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