Break the Chains

Be Loosed from the Chains

Sorrow is turned into joy before Me, says the Lord. I Am turning your captivity before your very eyes.  I say, prison doors, be open.  Be loosed from the chains that have bound you.  Let My light shine into the very shadows of depression in your life.  Enough of the pain and suffering.  No more!  I do not want you fettered and shut up in the prison of your mind, body, spirit or life.  No more bondage to fear.  No more shackles of sin.  Be free! Be Free!  I Am calling for the time of Jubilee in your life.  I Am calling for your liberty.  Be free from the bondage of debt.  Be free from the bondage of sin.  Be free from the bondage of sickness.  Be free from the bondage of loneliness.  I Am loosing you and setting you free!  Stand up and let the shackles fall from your hands and feet.  Shake yourself loose from the traps that the enemy has set for you.  Walk away free!  I Am releasing you from this false imprisonment.  The doors are wide open.  The gates are open.  Move out of the darkness into My marvelous light, says the Lord.

Rise up and walk away from the despair and don’t look back, says the LORD.  Look to the light that is before you and follow this path that is illuminated.  For I Am the living Word that is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.  I have cleared the way so that you do not stumble.  I will hold you up and keep you from falling as you put your trust in Me.  Come up out of the prison house and be loosed from every encumbrance.  I Am making a way  for you where there is no way, and I Am leading you to your personal promised land.  You didn’t think that I would leave you bound, did you?  The rescue squad is being sent and My angelic host is on the way to accomplish your liberty and bring you out of your captivity.  Then you will think that you are dreaming!  Your heart will sing, and the pain and agony will only be a memory that will fade in the wake of My glory and grace.  The time for celebration is at hand, for the former things are passing away, and I say, “Look!  I Am making all things new  in this season for you, says the Lord.

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