Beauty for Ashes

I Am giving you beauty for ashes, says the Lord.  As you look at the ash heap of your life, just exchange it!  I will take it!  I will trade with you.  I will take all the burned up, useless, painful and unproductive things that you are lamenting over and give you My beauty.  Ashes are ugly and there is nothing good about them.  The charred remains only remind you of what once were hopes and dreams and plans.  You look at all these wasted years and opportunities with remorse as you know that you cannot recapture them; you cannot fix that which is broken; you cannot find any good out of those destructive things in your life.  They are dead and decayed; but wait!  I said I will take them!  Give me all the ashes, and I will recreate!  I can do that!  I can recreate opportunities that you thought were past any possibility.  You may have messed up, but I WON’T, says the Lord.  Give Me your wasted years, and watch ME restore them!  Give Me your pain and experience My healing!  Give Me your broken dreams, and watch Me resurrect them!  You could not make them happen.  I CAN!   Give Me your broken heart and I will mend it!  Relinquish the ashes of your fractured life and I will heal and repair you, and not only make all things new, but I will make you new as well, says the Lord.

You cannot use anything from the pile of ashes in your life, says the LORD.  I said give then to Me, and let Me make all things new!  I will renew your strength!  I will restore your life!   I will revive you!   I will restore the wasted years and give you a productive life in Me, if you will give it all to Me!  A fresh start is what you want and that is what I will give you.  I do not want you going backwards and trying to fix that which is from the past.  Just let go of all and allow Me to take you to a new place in ME that is full of life and purpose.  I have forgiven the past.  You need to walk away from it and press forward.  See the light on the path ahead,  not behind you. Come forward into the new.  Do not try to recapture the past.  Move to the greater things that I have in store for you ahead.  It is always ahead.  Trust Me with the useless past failures and the promise of the beautiful future that lies ahead.  Come walk with Me.  Walk away from the ash heap and start toward the beauty in front of you, for it is there for you right now.  This is a new day, with a new thing that I have created for you, and it is really delightful.  I delight in you, and I delight in your faith in Me to give you a future that is prosperous and plenteous in My grace and mercy. I will give you beauty for ashes.  What do you say?  Give Me the garbage and I will give you My glory this day, as you walk with Me in newness of life, says the Lord.

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