I Am Sending You Back to Africa

Before going to Africa on the seven mission trips that I made, beginning in 2017, I heard the audible voice of the Lord that said He was sending me. Each time I heard the audible voice of the Lord, telling me where I would go, what I would do, and what he was going to do when I was there. It has been three years since I was on my last mission trip.

Every consecutive mission proved to be much more challenging than the previous. The perils were far greater. The anointing of the Holy Spirit on my life and ministry continually increased. God did everything that He said He would do as I obeyed His voice and went where He sent me. I heard many times the audible voice of the Lord confirming His will for me to go. Each time he repeated my purpose in being sent. No matter what the cost, the reward is seeing the lives of hundreds of people saved, transformed, healed, delivered, empowered and filled with the Holy Spirit and forever changed.

Everywhere I went, miracles happened instantly. Blind eyes and deaf ears were opened. The lame walked, 2 lepers were cleansed, tumors melted, HIV, pneumonia, TB, cancer, gone! Knees and joints were miraculously healed. Backs, necks, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands, all healed. Wounds healed. The barren conceived. In many venues, 100 percent received their miracles. Ulcers, growths, cysts and tumors all disappeared. Stomach problems, head pain, chronic headaches and pain of any kind were all instantly healed. The demonic were set free. No matter what the cause of the pain, they were delivered and healed of every manner of sickness, disease, and pain. Malaria, Typhoid, Heart disease, chest pain, swelling, breast lumps healed. Everywhere I went, they were healed and made whole and many souls were saved. We give God the glory, for He does all things well.

My ministry and anointing shifted to a higher level. Many were healed in the corporate setting in very large venues where it was impossible for me to reach them all to lay hands on them. The Lord just poured out healing and deliverance and miracles and the Holy Spirit everywhere I traveled. People were healed on the streets, in their homes, in venues, at hotels and restaurants, and even in the garages where the car was being repaired.

Beginning August 31, 2022, I have heard the audible voice of the Lord again and again saying, “I am sending you back to Africa…”. Here is a portion of what He spoke to me:

“I Am sending you back to Africa. You will go back to Africa. I will use you for My glory. I will fly with you. I will give you everything you need. No man will harm you. I will command My holy angels to live with you. I will pour out My Holy Spirit and Fire and power in Africa. You will be My prophet, My voice in the earth, and I will send you. I will anoint you. I will use you for My kingdom. You will go back to Africa. I Am sending you to Africa.”

I need your help!

I am asking you for your prayers and financial support. I cannot do this by myself. I thank God for all who have supported me in the past, continue to support and believe in this Ministry to the nations. Please join me in this effort to reach them for the Kingdom of God and His glory. You will be doing your part as you partner with Me, for how can they hear without a preacher? How can I go, if not sent? God is calling Me, and I need financial support to carry out this ministry in Africa. May God richly bless you as you invest in His kingdom by your supporting our ministry.

To send donations, please use the donation button on the website: propheticlight.org or to use Zelle, using our email address, [email protected], or send your donations by mail to:

Prophet June Sheltrown
Prophetic Light International
40403 Sunburst Drive
Dade City, Florida 33525

Thank You and May God richly bless you!

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